The Cover Letter & Resume That Got Me Hired at SEOmoz

Earlier today a friend asked me if I had a cover letter she could use as a template for a job she was applying for. Well the last time I wrote a cover letter was in April 2009 when I applied for an SEO Consulting position at SEOmoz. I hopped into my email and quickly found the letter and resume I had sent to apply for the job. In the end, I did get the job (my role changed though in January 2010 to Community Manager).

While I’m positive that my cover letter and resume alone were not the reasons I ended up getting the job, it seems that you never get a peek into what “got you in the door” to begin with. So with a little prodding from Cyrus Shepard and in the spirit of TAGFEE, I thought I’d publish my original cover letter and resume that helped me to get my original job at SEOmoz back in 2009.Read More

How To Get Banned from a Facebook Page

Here’s the deal. This isn’t a post I’m excited about writing, but there is a threat of the story getting published inaccurately. So, in order to initiate a pre-emptive strike, I’m writing this.

So the evening started out like any other, going through Twitter and Facebook for SEOmoz and answering responses. On Facebook there was a question from Dennis Yu asking if there was a way to update a YOUmoz post. I explained you couldn’t, but that you could resubmit a new one. I then ran to check the YOUmoz queue and didn’t see anything from him, and realized perhaps he needed to change a link on his old post. Well here’s the whole conversation:

At that point I thought he was making himself look pretty bad asking about a post that is over two years old. I had already asked him to take it offline, so I then deleted the post. YES. I DELETED THE POST. Again, I had answered his questions, he was making himself look bad, so I deleted. it. But then this happened:

He started harassing me. I asked him twice to stop the harassment or I’d have to ban him. Because honestly I take a lot of shit as the Community Manager, but being harassed isn’t one of them.

I gave him my information to email me directly. Which he did. And he threatened me. Yes folks, Dennis Yu threatened that he would give me 1 day to decide if I wanted to escalate this or not. I take it to mean that he’s going to write a blog post about it and try to show the world how bad SEOmoz is at social.

His email to me:


You’re a social pro, so I was surprised to see you commit a rookie mistake.
On Facebook, the best thing to do with a frustrated user is to first acknowledge you heard them.
If you invalidate or deflect the issue– and especially if you delete their comments– it almost never plays out well.

In this case, I had run my YouMoz post by at least 3 Mozzers who said the content should be promoted to the main blog. All that was needed was an apology vs saying the things you did.

Fair enough?

Now you’ve ruffled some feathers.  Want to repair things or escalate?
Threatening to ban is escalation and I am happy to engage.
To be nice, I’ll give you one evening to reconsider– want to help you here.

Best regards,
Dennis Yu

My response:

Hi Dennis,

I appreciate the feedback, but I know very well what I’m doing. I answered your question several times in the thread and honestly deleted because it made you look bad. You then proceeded to harass and attack us.
I’m sorry if your content wasn’t promoted to the main blog, you should have brought this up over two years ago when it was first published, not on Facebook years later. That was very unprofessional of you, which is why I removed the post. Also, I don’t feel that an apology is needed for not promoting a YOUmoz post from two years ago. It just doesn’t make sense to bring it up now.
Now not only did you harass us on Facebook, but now you’re threatening me by giving me a day to consider. You have pushed it too far here Dennis.

His response:

Ok– Jen, see it how you wish. You’ve completely missed why I’m not happy.
I really don’t want to do this, since it’s such a simple issue and easily avoidable, but here goes…
It’s a game of escalation and you have chosen to fight.

Best regards,

Dennis Yu

My response:

It’s too bad you see it as a fight Dennis. Have a great weekend!


Now I should also say that when I replied, I cc:d the CEO, president and VP of Marketing on the email to ensure that everyone saw that he was threatening me. The emails have continued to escalate from here and I’m happy to post all of the emails, but again it only makes Dennis look bad. I’m attempting to save some face for him here. I should also add that at the time of writing this, things have calmed down a bit. I’m not honestly sure if he’s going to write anything although he made several threats to publish something, including this one:

(This is about the time I realized I should write this post.)

Anyway at this point in the email thread from above, I deleted the final Facebook thread (the 2nd one above) and banned him from the page.

It’s pretty damn hard to get banned from the SEOmoz Facebook page, but this is one way to do it.

On a final note, here are the tweets from tonight as well: