My Loves (in no particular order):

  • My husband Rudy (and his amazing photography)
  • Our daughter, the most incredible human ever
  • LL Cool J
  • Grumpy Cat
  • Harry Potter
  • doughnuts
  • smoothies
  • show tunes
  • 5:30am bootcamp
  • Road trips
  • Long walks
  • Audible
  • BFFs
  • cussing
  • brussel sprouts
  • crock pot dinners

Jen Sable Lopez

Ancient History

So how did I get here? Well I’ve been an internet geek for most of my adult life. I’m old school though… hell the first time I got an email address I was a junior in College. Yea, that’s right… I’m old. I had a Hotmail account before Microsoft bought Hotmail (ok that’s not really anything to brag about, the point is… I’ve been around a while). I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations, and a minor in Spanish.

My career started as a web developer. I started back in 1998 when I was working for a manufacturing company and we had a pathetic website. As I mentioned above I was always pretty geeky about things on the web, so I asked if I could build out the site (using FrontPage! hah). From there I went on to grow my dev career and put my writing on hold… for the most part. I was usually the developer to work with clients, give presentations, write training manuals, etc. Essentially not only could I code, but I could write and talk to people coherently (honestly not all of my co-devs could). If you’re interested in checking out my resume, feel free to visit my LinkedIn account (no need to reinvent the wheel here, when all the info is there. :)

Essentially, I was this non-technical developer who loved social media before it had a name and who could code her own CMS. What the… what? Then one day, I was assigned a bunch of SEO projects. Bla bla bla, snake oil, blah. But it quickly piqued my interest and I began to ask questions about why we were making these particular changes. Not long after I got wind of an upcoming SMX conference with a developer day and jumped at the chance to attend.

Pretty much… the rest is history from there. I quickly dove into SEO and took over the technical side of all our SEO projects including implementing analytics. About the same time I started consulting on the side and took on a number of local business and was pretty much SEO all the time. Then I applied for a job at SEOmoz… and voila life changed.